Doodlers Draw Learning Benefits

Student Artists Share The Reasons for Their Drawings


Wesley Gale, 12 “I focus better when I am drawing, so I drew these little guys.”

Beck Marier, Reporter

Sketching illustrations in class can be beneficial to student learning and engagement while making classes and lectures more tolerable. According to “The Thinking Benefits of Doodling,” a 2016 study by Harvard University, doodling gives a break to parts of the brain and improves memory. Five students shared notebook art they created in class. Each artist expressed themselves differently with their sketches as they described what they were drawing and why.

Joey Taylor, 9 “I like drawing people that I think I would want to be like.”
Keeb Castro, 11 “I needed to finish my InkTober design and I had a bit of free time in class, so I decided to draw Eevee from Pokemon.”










Sawyer Fannin, 11 “I really like mythological creatures, so when I’m in class that’s what I end up drawing.”
Michelle Hernandez, 11 “I’m actually doing a mask project in art right now, so that’s what I’m designing.”