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Love Languages

Love Languages

Love Languages Explain How People Express Love
Grace Winkler May 21, 2021

There are many different ways people can express their love, but it mostly boils down to five main Love Languages. This includes physical touch, gift-giving, words of affirmation, quality time and acts...

Bookin' It To The Library

Bookin’ It To The Library

Librarians Explain LMC
Fallyn Kowalski May 21, 2021

      As the one-year mark since the start of COVID-19 passed, it was evident how different the world had become. There were new rules and regulations to keep people safe: social distancing, wearing...

Battle Of The Brains

Battle Of The Brains

Students Compete For No. 1 Spot In Class Rank
Charlie Warner May 21, 2021

     In a student’s sophomore year, their class rank is made available to them. Class rank is based on a student’s weighted GPA, so the more AP classes they take, the higher they are ranked.   ...

After missing their junior year Prom, seniors Leah Hayes, Cara Cannova, Luci Saladino, Collin Birch, Emily Cox and Sydney Hadsall wait to see who is annouced Prom king and queen May 1. “We all came together, and it was a great turn out,” said Hayes.

The Roaring ’20s

Senior Class, Guests Take To Dance Floor For Prom
Cassie Ford May 21, 2021

The boys basketball team celebrates after a 67-54 win in the C.W. Stessman Invitational championship game against Liberty High School at Liberty. Staley, who was ranked No. 4 in the Kansas City area by 810 Sports, played Liberty, who was ranked No. 5. “It felt really great because we don’t really get to play Liberty, and they’re always good competition, and it’s really fun,” said junior guard Asa Bridges.

Run That Back

Boys Basketball Picks Up Where They Left Off
Landyn Goldberg May 21, 2021

     Boys basketball was on the road to their first state championship in school history last season before being shut down by COVID-19, which solidified them as a true contender. As the 2020-21 season...

Let's Cancel Cancel Culture

Let’s Cancel Cancel Culture

Deplatforming Trend Has Gotten Out Of Hand
Charlie Warner May 21, 2021

      The expansion of social media in people’s day-to-day life has brought about the rise of cancel culture. Most people have access to a cell phone and are in the loop of celebrity news through...

Hybrid Education

Hybrid Education

Virtual Learning Creates Obstacles For Learning
Cassie Ford May 20, 2021

     Well into the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year, students were still getting used to the different learning environments and digital classrooms. All students were learning online in some...

Workin' The Day Shift

Workin’ The Day Shift

Students Work During School Hours
Isabella Dorrington May 20, 2021

     Working 9 to 5. As of recently, Dolly Parton’s catchy song has become a reality for some students during the 2020-2021 school year. Since their switch to online, many students spend the time...

Equity In The District

Equity In The District

Current Events Affect Education Tactics
Cassie Ford, Managing Editor March 12, 2021

The topics of systematic racism, racial diversity, social justice and discrimination are in the news, on social media and in conversations. They are also concerns the school district is...

Effectiveness of face masks

Effectiveness of face masks

Cassie Ford May 17, 2020

While people all over the world have been using face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, one may question how effective they truly are. Certified nursing assistant Nicole Carrete works at St. Luke’s...

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