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Inked For A Reason

Inked For A Reason

Stories Behind Student Tattoo Designs Shared
Alexis Carroll May 27, 2022

Elijah Baston, 12      Life events and family inspired senior Elijah Baston’s tattoos. He had several tattoos on his shoulder, forearm and chest. His shoulder tattoo was in remembrance...

West 39th Street

Midtown Strip Holds Entertaining Attractions

Street Offers Variety Of Restaurants, Businesses
Charlie Warner, Editor-In-Chief, Columnist May 1, 2022

West 39th Street in Midtown Kansas City is a street that offers many different restaurants and businesses. The street has become popular for the many unique restaurants, covering various types of...

Murder On The Podcast

Murder On The Podcast

True Crime Genre Grows In Podcasts
Cassie Ford May 1, 2022

The true crime genre has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Shows, movies and documentaries have featured true crime cases in more engaging ways. This genre has also become a big hit...

One Acts: Its A Full House

One Acts: It’s A Full House

Performances Directed By Students
Cassie Ford April 13, 2022

Five Theater IV students directed individual plays that they chose or wrote themselves, and they cast and directed their entire plays, known as One Acts. Unlike the fall or spring plays, they performed...

Falcons Spread Wings For Spring Break

Students, Staff To Travel Globe
March 10, 2022

When you look outside, likely all you see is snow. But many Falcons have warmer plans next week. STTV's Kaci and JoJo found out where people are headed for Spring Break fun.

Marvel Vs. DC: Which One Is Best?

Marvel Vs. DC: Which One Is Best?

Students Prefer Marvel
Lily Carmichael, Reporter March 3, 2022

In the battle between two great film studios, Marvel won by a landslide. Marvel has a handful of blockbuster films, such as “Avengers,” “Iron Man,” “Captain America” and more.   DC...

Teachers Share Top 5 Favorite Movies

Teachers Share Top 5 Favorite Movies

Alexandra Mackey and Jacey McGraw March 3, 2022

ELA teacher Reilly Maloney-Hilgenbrinck “A League of Their Own”: This is my comfort movie. It was a family favorite, and I can quote every line. “The Greatest Showman”: This is my favorite because...

Stuck In Quarantine? Heres How To Pass The Time

Stuck In Quarantine? Here’s How To Pass The Time

Top 5 Ideas Shared
Ali Schulz, Reporter February 26, 2022

Having COVID-19 and being in quarantine was not ideal. Figuring out what to do to pass the time was the hardest part. Here are my top five ideas of things to do while stuck in quarantine.        1.)...

Local Cinema Provides Unique Movie Experience

Local Cinema Provides Unique Movie Experience

Screenland Armour Theater Adapts To New Normal
Charlie Warner, Editor In Chief February 21, 2022

     One of the hardest hit industries during the COVID-19 pandemic was the Hollywood film industry and ultimately movie theaters. While most movie theaters remained closed, the Screenland...

Fashion Aesthetic Shifts During Pandemic

Fashion Aesthetic Shifts During Pandemic

2022 Fashion Predictions
Landyn Goldberg February 13, 2022

Fashion has seen a large aesthetic shift since the COVID-19 pandemic started. The once-common sightings of wearing exclusively shirts plastered with brands plastered all over and paying hundreds of...

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