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New Role Models

Kara Morley, Staff

November 2, 2018

Filed under Entertainment, Opinion

Social media influencers are becoming popular and powerful. The influence they have over their audience of wide-eyed children and teenagers is getting out of hand. Some social media influencers such as Jake Paul and Logan Paul who have millions of viewers, negatively influence kids whether they realize...

Go Vote

Jack Warner, Staff

October 27, 2018

Filed under Opinion

 Teenagers are so lazy and unmotivated. That’s what people seem to think anyway. But it seems that the increase of registered young adult voters who will be able to vote in the next election begs to differ. This new trend of participating in our democracy is exactly what the nation needs. We...

Cute Or Over The Top?

September 30, 2018

Filed under Entertainment, Lifestyles, Opinion

Promposals are an elaborately staged request to be someone's date to prom.

Our Planet Is Dying

Alexa Schulte

March 14, 2018

Filed under News, Opinion

Our Earth is sick. The planet is running a fever, and it's not coming down. Earth's temperature is rising, and climate change is real, whether you choose to believe it or not. There is proof all around us that the Earth's temperature is changing. Due to human activity, the Earth is gradually warming,...

A Letter from Mayor Sly James to Students

February 20, 2018

Filed under Opinion

Dear Students, I’ve been listening and watching the news for several days since the violence in Parkland, Florida and wondering how did we, once again, allow more of you to be mowed down by an apparently disturbed, young man wielding a high-powered, military-style assault weapon with a l...

Stop The Hate

Madelyn Phillips, Reporter

February 15, 2018

Filed under Opinion

Pain. That’s what cyberbullying brings into teens’ lives. It makes people feel alone and like they aren’t worth it, and it oftens makes people hide instead of telling an adult. Cyberbullying is as wrong as it is to go up to somebody’s face and call them vicious names. One out of every...

States Shouldn’t Determine Civil Rights

States Shouldn’t Determine Civil Rights

Jessica Jordan

March 11, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, he and his supporters have taken strong stances on many social issues. Alongside his views on abortion, women and women’s rights, he has now taken a public stance on the bathrooms that transgender students should be allowed...

How to Walk in the Hallway


March 11, 2017

Filed under Opinion

The typical student’s day begins by walking in to the student entrance. Getting through the doors by the time the rooster crows is a struggle. Everyone’s rushing to get in the same door at the same time when there are plenty of other doors that can be used. But students love to use the automatic,...

Student Attendance Policies

Student Attendance Policies

Talon Staff

February 15, 2017

Filed under Opinion

      In the North Kansas City School District, if a student’s attendance level falls below 90 percent in a class, a grade reduction will occur. The more school the student misses, the greater the grade reduction. This is unfair to students who miss a lot of school but still manage to...

Cons of a Later Start

Cons of a Later Start

Christopher Spry

February 11, 2017

Filed under Opinion

High-school students often complain about how early school starts and why elementary and junior-high students get to go to school later, but school start times should remain the same because changing it would cause more conflict in our lives rather than better them. Most high-school students have...

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