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Thats Just How The Cookie Crumbls

That’s Just How The Cookie Crumbls

Popular Cookie Shop Opens New Location
Brooke Holliday, Reporter May 5, 2022

Crumbl Cookies 8418 N. Church Road, Kansas City, MO 64157   Crumbl Cookies have recently become the new trend and food craze, and I wanted to see what the hype was all about. The famous TikTok...

Staff Editorial: Discrimination Against LBGTQ

Staff Editorial: Discrimination Against LBGTQ

State Bills Restrict Human Rights Against LGBTQ Community
Talon editorial board April 5, 2022

In the United States, there are 27 states that aren't fully protected from discrimination. In those states, there are no specific statewide laws protecting people from discrimination on the basis of sexual...

File Photo: Kauffman Stadium during K.C. Royals Game

Baseball Bummer: Owners Only Care About Money

Lockout Ends After 99 Days
Charlie Warner, Editor-In-Chief, Columnist April 5, 2022

Baseball, the sport known as America’s pastime, has arguably become one of the less popular professional sports in the country in the past decade. Football and basketball have become fan favorites. People...

Teachers Ban Cell Phones In Class

Teachers Ban Cell Phones In Class

Students Phones Should Not Be Taken
Fallyn Kowalski, Columnist March 10, 2022

         With second semester under way, some teachers have made changes within their classrooms. While typically teachers make simple adjustments such as seating, some...

Warners World: Movies Underutilize Soundtracks

Warner’s World: Movies Underutilize Soundtracks

Original Songs Not Put To Good Use In Hollywood Movies
Charlie Warner, Editor-In-Chief February 23, 2022

    Movies are pieces of art that require multitudes of hardworking people to create. One important aspect of movie releases is the soundtrack that goes with it.      Some...

Mashed Potato Bowl Brawl

Mashed Potato Bowl Brawl

To Eat Or Not To Eat?
Cassie Ford and Brianne Tremper February 22, 2022

Mashed  Potato Bowl: It's A No For Me Over the years I have been eating school lunches, my least favorite has been the mashed potato bowl.  While I know that it's a popular school lunch...

Joelles Baked With Love

New Bakery Opens In Northland

Joëlle’s Baked With Love Brings Lessons From Mauritius
Alex Carroll, Reporter February 21, 2022

11119 North Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, Mo., 64155   For those looking for a new place to satisfy sweet and salty cravings, Joëlle’s Baked With Love is bringing lessons learned from Mauritius...

Hyped TikTok Books: Worth The Read?

Hyped TikTok Books: Worth The Read?

Readers Review Popular Titles
Elyse Bredfeldt, Brianne Tremper, and Fallyn Kowalski February 21, 2022

   'You've Reached Sam'     TikTok has made reading more trendy, but it can be difficult to know which books are worth the time. The hype surrounding a book can raise a reader’s...

Staff Editorial: Restricting Students

Staff Editorial: Restricting Students

New Falcon Time System Restricts Students
Staff February 12, 2022

Administration has implemented two restrictive systems for students this school year: e-hall pass and Enriching Students. When the e-hall pass system was introduced, some students were vocal in their irritation...

Cartoons: Falcon Funnies

Cartoons: Falcon Funnies

Illustrations Explain Current Situations
Grace Winkler, Reporter, Graphic Designer February 12, 2022

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