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Let's Cancel Cancel Culture

Let’s Cancel Cancel Culture

Deplatforming Trend Has Gotten Out Of Hand
Charlie Warner May 21, 2021

      The expansion of social media in people’s day-to-day life has brought about the rise of cancel culture. Most people have access to a cell phone and are in the loop of celebrity news through...

Brownie Batter Up

Nutrition Brownie Batter Shakes Compared
Isabella Dorrington, Reporter May 20, 2021

Nutrition smoothie bars have been very popular lately among students. North Oak Nutrition and Brighton Nutrition are similar due to the fact that they sell the same types of nutrition shakes. I went to...

It’s Time For Change In U.S.

Black Lives Matter Protests, Capitol Riots Treated Differently
Fallyn Kowalski, Reporter March 12, 2021

      The Black Lives Matter movement is a campaign protesting police brutality and racially motivated violence against Black people and other people of color. It highlights the...

Leave Gatekeeping At The Gate

Leave Gatekeeping At The Gate

People Are Allowed To Enjoy Their Preferred Tastes
Charlie Warner, Managing Editor, Copy Editor March 12, 2021

     “I really like the Grateful Dead. They’re such a good band and have really cool shirts,” said Person A. “Yeah, me too. What song is your favorite?” asked Person B. “‘Casey...

Editorial: The 2020 Grading System

Lenient Classwork Disadvantages Students
March 5, 2021

     What was previously considered to be normal isn’t really the reality anymore. Students have so many different responsibilities and distractions that some believe...

Should Teachers Take Grades

Should Teachers Take Grades

Jack Warner May 15, 2020

Uncertain times make the decisions made by institutions, for the lack of a better word, uncertain. During spring break, grades were pulled from PowerSchool, and as of April 8, grades of non-college courses...

The Dicey Online Market of Underage Gambling

Claudia St. John February 14, 2020

A 15-year-old betting money online and an adult spending a night out with friends at a casino are both considered to be gambling, but one of those scenarios is significantly more harmful than the other. The...

That’s The Tea

Student Reviews Local Tea Places
Kara Morley , Staff May 3, 2019

Good Tea and Good Vibes: Gocha Tea & Beverages 6595 N Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, Mo. 64118 A strong smell of cigarette smoke immediately hit me when I walked through the doors. However, the...

Camera Conspiracy

Covering the Laptop Camera
Kara Morley, Staff February 12, 2019

Covering your laptop camera is more than a conspiracy. The Director of FBI, James Comey, recommends taping over your computer webcam and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also tapes over his MacBook camera,...

New Role Models

Impact Social Media Influencers Actually Have
Kara Morley, Staff November 2, 2018

Social media influencers are becoming popular and powerful. The influence they have over their audience of wide-eyed children and teenagers is getting out of hand. Some social media influencers such...

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