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  • Varsity boys tennis earns 1st place in their Saturday bracket at Rockwood Summit Invitational
  • Remi Grant earns long jump championship at Ken Peek Invite
  • Senior Xavier Wilson Named To All-KCHS HOOPS Boys Basketball 3rd Team
  • Senior AvaPickens competes in the 2024 DiRenna All-Star Game representing team Missouri
  • Boys Volleyball Wins Staley Hyper Volleyball Tournament
  • Antonino Libarnes & Hannah Sheer crowned prom king and queen.
  • Stuco Officer Results: President: Ellie Hihath; VP: Ricky Lopata; Secretary Vincey Nelson; Historian: Cara Elam; Treasurer: Mimi Palmentere
  • "Beauty and The Beast" musical nominated for prestigious Blue Star Awards
  • Dionandre Josenberger hired as the next head baseball coach, starting the 24-25 school year
The news site of Staley High School

Staley News

The news site of Staley High School

Staley News

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Once a story has been posted on online platforms, it may not be removed or deleted. An exception may be made in the case of a compelling journalistic reason, such as a violation of standard journalistic ethics. Factual errors are not cause for deletion of a story but will compel the staff to make corrections and include an editor’s note to reflect the change from a previous version.

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