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Young Journalists Learn Consequences of Field

Journalism Trumps Politics
Maddy Benda, Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2017

     Students traveled to the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, Mo., for the 48th Annual Scholastic Journalism Day on March 29.  Students arrived and entered Jesse Hall where...

'Romeo and Juliet'

‘Romeo and Juliet’

Thespians Perform in Spring Show
March 17, 2017

Text-A-Tip Takes New Form

Text-A-Tip Takes New Form

New App Meant to Stop Crime
Jessica Jordan March 17, 2017

The Text-A-Tip line is coming to an end and being replaced by an app called P3 that follows the same format. This change comes as an effort to make the report line more accessible for students. “The...

School Start Times

School Start Times

Why School Starts at 7:23 a.m.
Kyla Gaines March 17, 2017

Whenever a person does not get enough sleep at night, they are as impaired as a person driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent, which is illegal in the state of Missouri, according to the National...

At the Ability Arts Festival
performance at North Cross United
Methodist Church,
sophomore Josh Roush sings lead
for on March 9. He said he wore a
hat during the performances and
picked out his outfit himself.

Ability Arts Festival

Students Perform Musical Acts
Kyla Gaines March 11, 2017

The Ability Arts Festival was an opportunity for the Goals students to connect with kids from other schools and to show off their special skills. This annual event was held for students around the North...

Using the light board in AP Studio art, senior Maddie Mummert is working on one of her concentrations for her portfolio on Feb. 21. The students in AP Studio Art have 20 more blocks before submitting all projects. “My favorite thing about art is being able to come into a classroom and leave all worries at the door and let yourself go in the work you’re doing,” said Mummert.

Upcoming AP Art Show

Students Prepare for Annual Art Show
Emilie Kerr, Reporter March 8, 2017

With 20 more blocks to go, AP Studio Art students are working to complete their portfolios. Among several other art classes, AP Studio Art is the college level art class. “I would recommend it for...

Singing and dancing at the STTV media marathon are seniors Drew Simms and Annika Ruskievicz on Feb. 18 in the STTV studio.  The media marathon was live for a total of 12 hours and raised $1,075.  “I enjoyed spending time with all my friends at the media marathon, and staying up for 18 hours straight,” said Ruskievicz.

Media Marathon Recap

12 Hour Broadcast Earns Over $1,000
Maddy Benda , Editor-in-Chief March 7, 2017

STTV students spent their Saturday in school on a four-day weekend to raise money and bond as a staff. They began broadcasting live at noon on Feb. 18 and ended their broadcast at midnight. Sophomore...

While crossing the finish line at the Team World
Vision marathon on Oct. 15 in downtown Kansas
City, Mo., junior Chloe Childerston raises her arms
to celebrate. Childerston trained for four months
with friend Jacob Burns and took first in the female
division for ages 17 and under, even after her hip
popped fully out of place on mile five and back into
place at mile 10. “All the pain had paid off, and kids
were going to have clean water. It was the best
feeling in the world,” said Childerston.

Running for Running Water

Student Runs KC Marathon
Kyla Gaines, Reporter February 7, 2017

     While 26.2 might be an odd number to most, to junior Chloe Childerston it is the exact number of miles she ran to provide running water for children in Africa. On Oct. 15, she ran her...

Election 2016

Election 2016

Students Talk About Election
Jessica Jordan, Multi-media Editor February 7, 2017

The looming 2016 election has caused controversy because the race is so close, and there are so many undecided voters. Many voters said they are undecided because they dislike and distrust the candidates,...

Movement for Meditation

Movement for Meditation

All School Meditating Sessions?
Leidy Venegas, Staff February 5, 2017

Meditation has been proven to help reduce anxiety and stress, and that is the main reason Spanish teacher Anna Maki- Birchler wants to start offering allschool meditating sessions. Students who are...

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