A Promposal Is A Sweet Gesture…

Makanani Grace, Staff

School dances are a huge part of the high-school experience, and with that comes finding a date. What better way to accomplish that than candy on a poster?

The day of the dance, groups of friends go to beautiful places around the city for group pictures of them all dolled up, who wants to be the one person standing on the side without a date? This adds to the pressure to ask or be asked to the dance. Presenting the opportunity to be romantic and creative, which some people took and ran with, coming up with extravagant plans to ask their date. Naturally, those end up on social media. Now, a few viral videos later, we have a new trend, promposals!

Romantic gestures can be very meaningful and incredibly appreciated. The planning that goes into the ask is what makes a good promposal. Being thoughtful and thinking of the little things makes the other person feel special. Everyone likes to be the center of attention every once in a while, and a promposal accomplishes just that. From teddy bears to food to banners, the opportunities are endless. Luxurious or sentimental, a promposal is a sweet gesture that requires time and thought, which is what makes them soadorable. Being considerate and cheesy is the whole point of a promposal.