They Are Wasting Time And Money

Jack Warner, Staff

In today’s high schools, the norm is to be very extra, dramatic and a little obnoxious when asking one’s potential date to a dance. Signs, flowers, food and more are all common ways of attempting to be creative to ask someone to a dance. However, it seems that the more creative and different the “prom-posal” is, the more attention on and off social media the couple may get.

Often times these attention-grabbing acts are not really a surprise to the person being asked to the dance. These people typically know they are going to the dance already. Sometimes they even know they are going to be asked.

People think that they are being creative and thoughtful by doing this. In all reality, they are wasting time and money just for a picture. What is the point of taking this picture before the dance? Everyone knows that even though pictures are posted after a “prom-posal,” dance pictures will also be posted.

This is all drawn from an issue teenagers have today. Everyone wants attention. We are all guilty of it. People are willing to do just about anything to get likes and retweets. To put it simply, all it takes for two people to go to a dance together is an agreement between them. Whatever opportunity someone has to cut out drama, they should take advantage of it.