It’s Showtime

Kayla Pospisil, Staff

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With the new school year comes new chances for students to support theater students and participate in a new performance among young students from the district. For the first time since the school opened, students can to take part in two musicals and one play during the school year. In past years, there has been one play in the fall and only one musical in the spring.

The first performance, the fall play, called Almost, Maine, had eight separate acts and premiered September 20. Auditions for “Annie”, the fall musical, begin the first week of October.

The additional performance this year will be a feeder production, meaning students from all elementary and middle schools in the district have the opportunity to participate and perform at the high school. There are many different roles to play and spots to fill, and each cast member will have the chance to participate.

Photo by Kayla Pospisil

Photo by Kayla Pospisil

Since Annie is a musical heavily reliant on young members, students will have the opportunity to work and perform directly alongside young theater students from the feeder schools, which is an opportunity that they did not have until this year.

“I wanted to find a way to reach out to the feeder schools and involve them at Staley. We have the facility, we have the stage, why not use it?” said theater teacher Danielle Trebus.

When Trebus requested more money for the theater budget this year to pursue her new idea, she said the Staley administration team was more than supportive.

“The administrators told me that whether or not the budget was approved by central office, we would find a way to make this musical happen,” said Trebus.

Other fall activities are in full swing during the time of the new musical, and it is now included as an option for students to participate in during this time as well as sports and clubs such as football and student council.

“I am positive that the musical will lead to much more involvement among students in the school,” said Trebus.

By expanding the variety of performances that the theater department puts on, it’s an exciting year for all students to watch and appreciate, as well as having the chance to show off hard work and talent to peers.

“Because Annie is such a well-known musical, I think that we will get much more support from people both in the theater program and not in the program. It will be a fun way to perform for our peers,” said senior Avery Lanaman.