New Flock Leader

Principal Wants Student-Led Culture

In preparation for homecoming, principal Larry Smith claps at the homecoming pep rally Oct. 20. Smith tried to attend as many extracurricular events and get involved with the school as much as possible. “Just being a part
of the Staley family is what I’m looking forward to the most,” said Smith.

Competitive. Positive. Strategic. Funny. Confident. These are some of the traits that the new principal Larry Smith said describe him. He is eager to take part in the school’s culture, but he also has goals for the school.

“Having a culture that is again student led and student driven and that strives to be the best, and that’s in anything,” said Smith.

Smith said one of the things that drew him to Staley was the compet- itiveness. From cheer to debate to football, Smith said he wants to be rst in every activity that competes, and he didn’t come to Staley to be second.

“That’s one of the things that drew me to Staley because Staley is really good. And I didn’t want to go somewhere that wasn’t going to be really good in everything that we try and wasn’t going to have the same attitude that I have that we’re going to be rst in everything we do,” said Smith.

He is a big believer in extracur- ricular activities and believes it is critical to get involved. Smith played football for the University of Nebras- ka where his team won the national championship in 1994. In his football career, he played the position of wide receiver. And in high school,
he participated in DECA, which is the marketing club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Future Busi- ness Leaders of America along with

“School should be a fun place

for students to come and learn and grow in a lot of different ways and become the person they want to transition to their next phases of life as,” said Smith.

He has already been involved at Staley by attending both varsity and freshman football games, softball games and varsity volleyball. He plans to attend cross country and other events as well.

He said he loves the atmosphere at the sporting events and how the students support each other posi- tively and with a lot of energy. The only thing Smith said he would like to see is more students attending sporting events along with football.

“Let’s get hype. Our student section has been awesome, even our students in the hallways even bring energy,” said Smith.

As a principal, he would like to provide students a happy and fun and collaborative environment at school where they are able to strive for excellence. He said he would like to provide students with the ability to have a positive relationship with their teachers and people around them. Smith said he loves the energy brought by students and staff and he expects everyone to strive for success.