‘It’s About Relationships’

Staley Original Coach, Teacher Retires


Haley McAtee

Many of the varsity football games ended in a team talk. After 30 years of coaching, head varsity football coach Phil Lite will be retiring. “There’s a lot of stories about coach Lite, but he always kept us in check, made sure we were on schedule. But, there’s a lot of great memories,” said junior Gavin Siegfried.

Isabella Dorrington

     Staley original Head football coach Phil Lite is retiring after coaching for 30 years and teaching for 25. He has coached baseball, track, basketball, wrestling and his favorite, football.

     “I just love the strategy part of football; I love the process,” said Lite.

     Lite said he has always been an athlete. In high school, he lettered in football, basketball, track and baseball. He said he always knew he was going to be a coach because of the impact his coaches had on him.

      “Outstanding men, outstanding character and successful in a lot of ways,” said Lite about his coaches.

     Lite has coached Staley football to winning two state championships and coached two other state championship teams at other schools. Lite said he believes in trusting the process and coming together to lead a team to success.

      “It’s about relationships, at the end of the day, it’s about the time and effort that you put into each individual with a team emphasis,” said Lite.

     Lite has helped generations of his athletes such as varsity player Gavin Siegfried, not only helping them improve as athletes, but also as human beings.

     “I’m going to miss his leadership ability. How he helped us learn the game and how he conducted himself and created a better team, made us better football player, and better men        

     Lite said his wife and family have sacrificed a lot for his career over the years, and he is excited to spend time with them and do the things he loves.

      “Right now, my plan is to travel a little bit and spend time with family,” said Lite.

Lite said he appreciates everything these years have given him and is ready for the next step.

      “I just feel like the time is right to step out and turn it over, and I’m forever grateful. I appreciate our kids. I appreciate the coaches. I appreciate our faculty. I appreciate Staley Nation because this place is special,” said Lite.