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Student Reviews Local Tea Places


Makenzie Hooton

Gocha Tea & Beverages

Kara Morley , Staff

Good Tea and Good Vibes: GoCha Tea & Beverages

6595 N Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, Mo. 64118

Makenzie Hooton
Gocha Tea & Beverages

A strong smell of cigarette smoke immediately hit me when I walked through the doors. However, the inside of GoCha was spotless clean. Decor was clearly done well with everything matching in a shiny and contemporary look. The aesthetic was very pleasing with bits of yellow accents and matching lights. Korean music was playing, and Asian candy and sodas displayed. The iced house milk tea was $3.75. There was a convenient scale of sweetness to tailor your order. Service was almost immediate, and presentation was simple with a sticker of their logo on the cup. The milk tea was delicious and velvety. GoCha was my favorite out of the three places because it had the best tasting tea and the vibes and appearance were charming.



A Modern Experience: Dragonfly Tea Zone

Makenzie Hooton
Dragonfly Tea Zone

215 NE Englewood Rd Suite D, Kansas City, Mo. 64118

Dragonfly Tea Zone had many menu items to choose from in addition to tea, such as rolled ice cream, smoothies, fresh juice and crepes. The strawberry iced Boba tea was $4. Service was quick, and the employees were friendly. The tea was fresh and not overly sweet. There were lots of bursting Boba that made the drink exceptional. The ambiance was very bright and modern. Seating was comfortable, and there was an artsy chalkboard menu. Dragonfly was clean and smelled good. It felt as though I had left Kansas City and entered a buzzing city.





Too Little, Too Late: Headrush Roasters

Makenzie Hooton
Headrush Roasters

7108 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, Mo. 64118

Headrush Roasters Coffee and Tea was a little brown building with a drive through. It was more of a traditional coffee shop, but tea drinks were offered as well. The iced berry blast tea was $2.99. Presentation was just a plain clear cup. The tea was bitter and had a dull flavor. The inside was dim lighting and very quirky with mismatching decor and wall colors. After almost 15 minutes of waiting, I still did not have my drink, but they did make it up to me by apologizing and giving me a free drink coupon. Then, an iced caramel latte was ordered, and that was really satisfactory. Otherwise, the service and ambiance were not impressive.



The Benefits of Tea

White tea can help keep skin acne free and reduce your chances of getting sick.
Black tea has anitviral and anti-bacterial properties and can reduce stress levels.
Green tea can lower cholesterol and prevent the increase of blood pressure.
Oolong tea has the full range of polyphenol antioxidants and weight-loss properties.