Teacher’s Corn Snake Missing in Action

Teacher Loses Snake in the School

Kara Morley, Staff

For roughly three months, Snek the snake roamed the halls, a student did not close the lid of the 2-year-old snake’s cage properly. Snek slithered out and traveled around the school for several weeks.

 “He always comes back.” said Helwig. She was not worried about her snake.

On July 31, custodian Ryan Davis spotted Snek on the hallway of the first floor outside of the PLC. Ryan said his first reaction was, “There’s a snake on my floor.” Ryan said he just picked it right up and took Snek upstairs.

Helwig said she was very excited when she received the email about her snake.  It turned out, during all his time meandering around the school, Snek grew approximately 6 inches.

 This wasn’t the only time Snek escaped his cage. Earlier last school year, once again a student did not close the lid correctly and Snek was let out. That situation, he was found in social studies teacher, Elisha Bears’ closet.

In addition to a corn snake, Helwig also houses two leopard geckos, Spaz and Leonardo, Jerry the caterpillar, and an axolotl which is an endangered species. Students are allowed to play with animals and let them crawl on the tables.

“The environment of her class is supposed to be fun and the animals bring another aspect to her class.” said senior Marissa Garza.

Helwig said she loves having live animals in the classroom. “It teaches real science.” said Helwig.