Falcon Time Changes

Administration explains why students are in homeroom

Haylee Roberts, Editor-In-Chief


Getting ready for her college algebra final during falcon time on Dec. 8, junior Kayla Pospisil reviews her study guide. Pospisil has been using her falcon time to prepare herself for her tests. “I feel more productive since I have been in homeroom. I like having time to get stuff done,” said Pospisil.

Helping a student during falcon time on Dec. 11, geometry teacher George Adair assists a student through a math problem. Not only does Adair help the freshman in his homeroom, but also other students who come to him for help. “I still get to work with the students who need it to push through the end of the semester,” said Adair.

     Students are required to go to their homeroom classes for the rest of this semester during Falcon Time, and many are confused about the reasoning behind this change. Due to the way reset days are scheduled toward the end of the semester, administration found it necessary to have students go to their assigned homeroom to have a more focused atmosphere around finals time.

     “I was hesitant about it at first, but it still gives me the time to work with the students I need to help and get them through the final push to get through the semester,” said geometry teacher George Adair.

     According to assistant principal James Wheeler, the next scheduled reset day would have been on Monday, Dec. 11, leaving only four days for students to bring up their grades in that cycle before the end of the semester.  Administration did not think students would benefit from being directed for four days, and they wanted students to have a time to focus on the work they need to get done before winter break starts.

     “I do think I have been more focused since I don’t have as many people around to distract me. I actually got stuff done that I needed to,” said junior Kayla Pospisil.

     Students can still travel from classroom to classroom with approval from their teacher with the help of a pass. They still have the ability to seek help in the classes they need and can still go to both PLCs and the library, with a pass, if the rooms are not already full. Clubs are still allowed to hold meetings, and students can still get passes to go to the library to participate in activities.

     “We still want students to travel during this time, but we weren’t going to direct them for four days. Not much would get done,” said Wheeler.

      As finals near and the semester comes to a close, students remaining in assigned homerooms have the intent of giving students the opportunity to end on a successful note.