What’s All The Hype?

Junior’s Student Section Hype Videos A Hit


Jack Warner

Filming for her next hype video at the pep rally on Sept. 20, junior Pierson Beaulieu records the students yelling a chant. She normally recorded the student section, cheerleaders, Emeralds and players during games. “I hope to make more videos for other sports,” said Beaulieu.

Hype videos are quickly becoming popular, and junior Pierson Beaulieu has been creating them for each varsity football game. Each game has a theme for the student section, and her videos try to match each of the themes.

“When making my videos, I try to think, ‘How enjoyable can I make the video?’ I also try to get different clips each week that go with the theme or mood of the game,” said Beaulieu. 

While this is her first year making hype videos for Staley, these aren’t her first hype videos. She also made them for her dad’s basketball games that he coaches.  

“I’ve always liked making videos for different events like my family vacations or my dad’s basketball team.  Filmmaker Casey Neistat inspired me to make videos more regularly. I’ve been watching his videos for as long as I can remember,” said Beaulieu.

She also made a hype video for cheer camp. She used highlights of the camp, including some behind the scenes with the cheerleaders.

“Pierson was able to incorporate all the important things from camp and make a really cool highlight video. All her videos are lit, and I’ll be watching them in the future,” said junior Dkaria Bascom. 

She started making videos for the school by filming another cheer promo video. In it, she had scenes from the game, and she soon discovered people enjoyed it. Now, her videos are focused more on the student section and the game instead of just the cheer team. 

“I posted it on Twitter, and people seemed to like it. So, the next week I filmed another one, then another and another,” said Beaulieu. 

She said she plans to continue to make videos for the remainder of the football season, and she is hoping to make more videos for the other sports throughout the year as well.