New Apple Releases

Alexis Howard, Reporter

Apple announced the release of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on Sept. 7. Along with the announcement of the IPhone 7, iOS10 was released. The look and release of these two products caused controversy with buyers. Some like the new look and design, and some like the old look of the iPhone.
Before the official announcement of what the iPhone was going to look like and what changes it would have, many had their own speculations. People thought that without the headphone jack they wouldn’t be able to listen to music at all.
“The no headphone jack didn’t stop me from buying the iPhone 7. I was still excited to buy it,” junior Andee Jirkovsky said.
According to, the price of the iPhone 7 depends on the amount of storage that comes with the phone. The 32GB, the least amount of storage available to get is $649, and the cost of the plus with 32GB is $769. The new iPhone has many new features and is different from all the other iPhones in the past. With this iPhone, apple removed the headphone jack and made an adapter that plugs into the lightning port that can plug an aux cord and headphones into.
“The adapter to plug the headphones in is easy to lose, so that’s a downside,” Jirkovsky said.

With the new iPhone, Apple came out with a software update iOS10. iOS10 gives the iPhone a new updated look. In messages gifs and handwritten messages can be sent, and how messages appear to be changed to emphasize the tone of the message. Apple has also created new emojis and gave them all new designs. They added female athlete emojis and more family emojis to represent all different types of families. With this new emojis, people have different feelings about them. They have been compared to android emojis. There’s also a new feature for when the phone is picked up. It will turn on without having to touch a button. It’s called “raise to wake.” Now the home button isn’t a button anymore. Instead of pushing in on it, it can only be tapped. The new iPhone also has new speakers, which has twice the volume of the iPhone 6.
“The sound is really good. It’s so much better than my last phone,” junior Hailey Grime said.
Despite the controversy, people are still buying the new iPhone. The new features and iOS10 all give a new, sleeker look from new emojis to no headphone jacks.