State Champion

First Ever Staley Debate State Champion

Cassie Ford

     For the first time in school history, the debate team has a state champion. Senior Mamus Ogolor earned the state championship in Lincoln-Douglas Debate April 24 at the MSHSAA State Tournament. Ogolor said it was a big accomplishment for him for his high-school career and that it was something amazing to be able to walk out of high school with the championship. “For the past four years, I’ve always been right there, whether it’s qualifying for state or nationals or our regular tournaments. I’ve always been so close but have never been able to truly get to the top of the hill,” said Ogolor. “To know that I’m going out of high school as a state champion, the best in Missouri, makes me feel that all of the hard work I’ve dedicated into this activity for the past four years has paid off.”