To Mask, Or Not To Mask?

Students Share Opinions On Wearing Masks

     As time progresses during the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s opinions evolve on masking. These are student opinions from an online survey. 

    Cara Elam, 9 

    “They are optional at most other public places, so people should be able to decide in schools as well.”

     Da’Nayja Cobbins, 10 

     “I have been wearing masks for almost three years now. I have asthma, and I can barely breathe.”  

     Javier Carreon, 11

     “I feel like we are still in ‘pandemic mode’ regardless if cases are dying down, which they really haven’t. Personally, I feel like some people are not taking the pandemic seriously and ignoring the possibility of getting sick.”

     Gavin Miles, 12      

     “My mother runs an in-home daycare with many small children as young as 8 months old. If I got COVID from my classmates, I would have to be homeless until I recovered to avoid putting them at risk. There is a new variant going around that is shown to have vaccine resistance. The booster is 25 times more effective against it. I want to go virtual, but I struggle to get any work done at home, and I don’t want to risk my GPA during my senior year since that may affect my chances of getting into college. I also only get to see my friends during school, and I cannot imagine not seeing them for months. I take many theater classes and a foods class, which all pretty much require that you attend school in person. I am currently not sure if I plan to return or not.” 

     Nore Hošić, 10, North Kansas City High School

     “I kind of feel that nowadays, it’s kind of like a sign of respect or that you’re being polite if you’re wearing your mask with a stranger, and I feel like the pandemic has kind of changed the ways of how we interact with people because of the masks.”


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