School Mask Requirement Ends After Winter Break

Federal Rules Will Still Require Face Coverings On Buses

Brianne Tremper, Managing Editor

     The mask mandate for North Kansas City School District will expire after winter break. Students, staff and visitors will no longer have to wear masks inside school district buildings. An email sent to parents and staff tonight alerted the school community to the changes.

     “The current ordinance for schools approved by the Kansas City, Missouri City Council is set to expire on January 1, 2022,” the email stated. “As a result, masks will no longer be required for students, staff and patrons when we return from Winter Break.”

     With news of the Omicron coronavirus variant, one senior said masks were coming off too soon and feared it would make cases in school and the community worse.

     “I don’t think it’s a good idea because we have the Omicron virus,” senior Avalon Vallejo said.  “And with the amount of kids in school, a lot of them are unvaccinated, I don’t understand what the reason is. I think it’s just going to make things worse.” 

      Masks will still be required on all school buses. 

     “Due to the federal mandate currently in effect through March 18, masks will still be required on all buses,” the email stated. “Clay County Health Department’s guidance for schools recommends masks be worn indoors by all individuals (age 2 and older), unless medical or developmental conditions prohibit use,” the email stated.

 The email mentioned people’s choice to wear a mask.

      “The individual choice to wear a mask is one that should be respected based on circumstance and conviction, and tolerance for this personal choice is critically important for both students and staff.”

Students had mixed opinions about the reversal of the mandate.

     “I honestly think since the COVID cases are rising that this is a bad idea,” junior C.J. Williams said. “I think it’s too soon.”  

     But not all students are upset, and one took a more lighthearted approach.

    “It is very cool,” junior Spenser Nash said. “I like that. It does mean I’m going to have to shave though. I don’t like that.” 

     The mask mandate had been extended multiple times by the Kansas City, Mo., City Council in the past, but the district said it did not anticipate another mask mandate extension. The email thanked families and staff.

     “We appreciate your support and flexibility as we adapt to ever-changing situations and recommendations while balancing the needs of each of our 21,000 students.”

JAN. 7 UPDATE: Mask mandate returns Jan. 10.

It’s Official: District Confirms Mask Return Monday

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