Balancing Act Necessary For Student Athletes

Students Balance Fall, Spring Sports, School

Alex Carroll, Reporter

Joey Ferrara

Senior Joey Ferrara played football in the fall and runs track in the spring. He’s played football since first grade and ran track since eighth grade. He said during football he has less time.

“Football season is a lot busier than track season,” Ferrara said. “With football season it’s school, football, home, eat.”

In the spring, he competes on the varsity track team and runs in sprints and triple jump events. He said track season is easier to manage.

“Track season, I’m able to go to the gym after school and track,” Ferrara said. “I have a lot more time on my hands.”

As a multisport athlete, one sport can help players succeed in the other. Ferrara said track helps with his speed and endurance for football and football keeps him in shape for track.

“Track has helped me a lot in football with my speed and endurance,” Ferrara said. “Keeps me really going. Football keeps me in shape.”

Assistant football coach John Crutcher said playing multiple sports can help build relationships and gain different perspectives.

“They get to experience a lot of different coaching styles and being around people that have different ideals,” Crutcher said.

When athletes are involved in more than one sport, they have to figure out how to manage their time. Ferrara said good time management is key to maintaining a reasonable workload and avoiding feeling overwhelmed.

“You don’t want to get overwhelmed by it,” Ferrara said. “Just work hard, work out for sports, work at school and just work on everything. Keep good time management.”


Addy Horn

Junior Addy Horn played volleyball during the fall. Horn was a setter and hitter for the varsity girls volleyball team and has been playing for eight years. Horn said although sports is a huge commitment, academics is always her priority.

“Sports is a big commitment for me,” Horn said. “I’m always putting school first, classes, getting all of my homework done. That always comes first.”

Crutcher said academics are more important, and student athletes need to manage time wisely to be able to deal with both. “You just have to be efficient with your time; the most important part of it is academics,” Crutcher said.

Horn plays soccer in the spring. She is the goalkeeper for varsity soccer and has been playing for nine years. Playing volleyball during the fall has helped her in soccer as a goalie.

“I’m jumping a lot in volleyball which helps me in terms of soccer when I have to jump and catch the ball,” Horn said.

She said her soccer skills have also helped her in volleyball.

“The agilities of soccer, like fast feet and footwork, has helped me in volleyball,” Horn said. “Moving to go get the ball and being faster.”

Managing multiple sports at a time used to be challenging for her, but since she’s been doing it for so long, it’s become easier. Horn also said that instead of just playing one sport, she’s been able to experience more.

“You’re getting a lot more opportunities when you’re opening yourself up to different things instead of just narrowing it down to one thing,” Horn said.