New WIN Time Requirement Invades Home Life

Mentor Monday Controls Students


The new school year came with a few changes, one being the name change from Falcon Time to W.I.N. Time and another being the addition of Mentor Monday.

     Mentor Monday is a designated no-travel day during W.I.N. Time to allow students to check grades and email their parents or guardians an explanation of how they plan to spend their school week and support their academic success. Teachers also schedule their W.I.N Time students who have not already self scheduled for the week during this time. Teachers are tasked with making sure each of their W.I.N. Time students send the email. 

     While Mentor Monday has some good benefits as it is meant to help students stay on top of their school work and keep parents informed, it can also be bothersome to students and their parents. Mentor Monday is just another way administration controls students, only this time it is infringing on their life at home. 

    Although Mentor Monday is meant to have students connect with their parents about their academic progress, that’s not always a good thing. Some students do not have a great relationship with their parents already, and grades and homework can be a touchy or volatile subject. Some parents have high expectations for their kids when it comes to grades, and a weekly email about this topic is just another way for them to monitor their child’s accomplishments and progress strictly. For those who struggle with school or with motivation, it can be a day each week they dread going home.

     Instead of requiring students to email their parents or guardians, students should be trusted to care about their grades with their own responsibility. A required email creates a feeling of distrust and incompetence regarding grades, and self scheduling should be open for students to change their schedule at all times so they can get the help they need.