After Year Off, Flock Shop Open

Shopping Available During Falcon Time

During Falcon Time Dec. 13, business teacher Kelly Rule and senior Andrew Richardson count money.

     The Flock Shop is open for business after having to take a year off, which means it is the first chance about half of the student body has had to visit the store.

     The Flock Shop is a store run by Marketing students during Falcon Time where they sell food, drinks and school supplies to fund DECA club competitions. 


     “I am excited for the Flock Shop to be back open and see students come and get use from it,” said business teacher and DECA sponsor Kelly Rule.

     Rule teaches the Marketing class and supervises the Flock Shop, helping the group learn the skills needed  to run a small business in a safe environment.

     “It’s my favorite class to teach because I get to see the growth of my students and watch them become more comfortable working in a business together,” said Rule.

     Marketing students working the store gain experience in business which can help them decide if they like working in the field.

     “The kids sign up for the days that they want to work at the Flock Shop which helps them use time management and dedication to get there on time and get everything they need to do done,” said Rule.

     On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the Flock Shop is open during Falcon Time with different students working.

      “I enjoy working with them and watching them get more comfortable,” said Rule.

     Working in the Flock Shop at least once a month is a requirement in the Marketing class and it is part of their grade. 

     “I enjoy working in the Flock shop and find it a fun and easy way to get a good grade,” said senior Kayla Blanton.

They sell snacks, pens, pencils, notecards, highlighters, other school supplies and drinks with prices ranging from 50 cents to $2 – cash only. 

      “I talk to the kids but put the job first,” sophomore Burke Coffer said. “I enjoy the experience I get from it and treat it professionally.” 

     The Flock Shop student workers said they wished they had gotten into it sooner. Through working at the Flock Shop, some have realized it is what they want to do in the future. 

     “I have met good friends through Marketing,” Coffer said. “And going through the experience with them as my coworkers is really cool.” 

     The Flock Shop workers handle and count the money, make sure they have everything in stock and write notes of what they need. They learn customer service skills – how to be nice and help their customers and coworkers even when there is a difficult situation.

     “I become friends with people who come into the Flock Shop and get used to seeing them,” Coffer said.

      Some students regularly shop at the Flock Shop, while others still experience it for the first time after just hearing about it.

      “I tried other classes that were focused on other career areas, and this one just came the most natural to me,” Blanton said. 

     The Flock Shop profits pay for food, t-shirts, and other things that DECA may need in districts, competitions and in general.