Vending machines shut down


Jack Warner

Getting a snack, drink or gum from the vending machines during class is no longer an option. The vending machines will not be on during school from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. This change was caused when staff raised attention to an issue in the building.

“We would rather have students in class learning in their English, math, science, social studies and elective classes than at the vending machines during class getting chips,” said assistant principal James Wheeler.

Wheeler said there was a high frequency of students in the hallways. Students were often times supposed to be going to the restroom but ending up at the vending machines. Campus Supervisor Michael Prater said that often times students in the classrooms farthest away from the entrances of the school would ask teachers to go to the bathroom. Then, the student would end up at a vending machine.

“So literally, [students] are crossing almost the entire building because they want to go to the vending machine,” said Prater.

Also, Prater said that during passing period students would stand in the hallways with their friends to talk. Then, once the bell rings, they go to the vending machines instead of class. Prater said that since the change in hours has been made, there have been less accounts of truancy. Prater advises that it would be cheaper to buy snacks outside of school and bring them to school than to use the vending machines.

“I’m upset about the vending machines because I would like a snack during the day to keep me going,” said senior Sam White.

Wheeler said the best alternative to the vending machines is the cafeteria. He also said the Flock Shop is a good option, and it supports DECA. However, Wheeler said the Flock Shop could face a similar fate as the vending machines.

“The Flock Shop will get shut down, too, if we see an abuse there of students during Falcon Time going without passes,” said Wheeler.

The difference in the Flock Shop and the vending machines is that the Flock Shop can only accept cash when the vending machines had the ability to take card and scan phones for payment. The Flock Shop requires students to have a pass to enter.

Business teacher Kelly Rule said the Flock Shop is not able to accept card because the money can’t be handled in an outside account, because the funds support DECA. But the fact remains that the funds support the school’s DECA program, which supports future careers in marketing, management and entrepreneurship.

Wheeler said that he does not see the vending machines hours changing any time soon, but there could be reevaluation sometime in the middle of second semester.

“I do hope it changes soon because vending machines are easy to access throughout the day,” said freshman Kyla Nguyen.

Wheeler said students are at school to learn. While the new hours of the vending machines may change eventually, they have shown to accomplish the goal of the administrative team in reducing hallway traffic.