Winn’s Legacy

Student-favorite teacher leaves Staley


Landyn Goldberg

As the school enters the latter half of its twelfth year open, one of the Staley original teachers has left. Foods, interior and fashion design teacher Christian Winn had her last day Jan. 10. The day was filled with a mix of cheer and sadness from students and faculty.

As Winn reflected on her time teaching, she expressed what she will miss the most.

“My students,” said Winn. “Building a relationship with my students, that was my favorite thing.”

Winn wanted to let her students know her decision was not abrupt.

“It was a hard decision to make,” said Winn. “I have been teaching for 18 years, but I’m just not doing well with my health, and I’ve got to take care of that.”

Winn’s work started in the classroom and she worked to change the stigma around field.

“She really changed what I thought about fashion and interiors,” said senior Trent Schrader. “I originally took the class feeling like I’m not that interested, and I don’t want to do anything here, but it ended up being really enjoyable, and I quite enjoyed a lot of the stuff we did. She was fun to have as a teacher.”

Winn said she wanted all of her students to enjoy the class and learn in a fun way.

The impact of Winn also extended past helping students succeed in the classroom. Sophomore Macy Tauke reflected on her relationship with Winn.

“She was just always there for me,” said Tauke. “I could talk to her about anything, and I could tell her what is going on in my life, and she would just try to help me.”

This extra help left a mark on Tauke. She recalled being upset the day Winn left.

“I cried in class actually, and she cried too,” said Tauke

Winn and her love for helping people extended past her students into relationships with other teachers.

Julie Fantozzi, a family and consumer science teacher, said she received the same love from Winn as she gave to her students.

“She was someone you could go and talk to. She was really easy to talk to,” said Fantozzi. “She was just warm and nurturing.”

Winn had a significant impact beyond teaching.

“She is just someone you go to for good and bad. She also makes you feel funny because she laughs really hard. She is just a warm and nurturing friend,” said Fantozzi.

Winn has taught in the North Kansas City School District for 18 years. She needed time away to collect herself.

“I plan on getting myself better physically and mentally,” said Winn. “My main focus is always my family, so making sure I am the best spouse and mom that I can be to my family.”