Camera Roll Exposure: What’s Your Last Photo? (Part 2)

Students Share Last Photo On Camera Roll

“It’s a screenshot of me listening to my mom’s Airpods.” 








Lydia Scott, 10




“I was scrolling through my mom’s Facebook, and found it and thought it was funny, so I screenshotted it.” 








Maddy Aydogan, 9



“I saw it on my ‘For You’ page. I thought he looked pretty cute, so I took a screenshot of it.” 










Lina Gutierrez, 10 




“I was playing a game called ‘Pitch Storm,’ which you have to pitch a movie, so I took a picture of it.”






Emily Peck, 10




“It’s what I have to get done at the orthodontist.”  




Saylor Statler, 9




“It’s a screenshot of the lunch menu, and I took it to send my friend what’s for lunch.” 








Morgan McAtee, 10




“It’s a photo of myself that my friend took on my phone.” 






Hannah Root, 10



“My boyfriend took my phone out of my pocket like three different times, and he took pictures.”  






Kerria Reaves, 10