Camera Roll Exposure: What’s Your Last Photo?

Students Share Last Photo On Camera Roll

  Each person has different memories within their phone’s camera roll. The photos they take are often of things they enjoy, moments they shared with family or friends or images of small things that may not seem significant. However, the photos in the camera roll often have a story behind them that people might not expect. Nine students shared the most recent photo in their camera roll and explained why they were inspired to capture this moment. 


Hannah Wilson, 12

Photo courtesy of Hannah Wilson

            The most recent photo in senior Hannah Wilson’s camera roll was a picture taken of her when she was filming baton-twirling. 

     “It’s a picture of me the day that I recorded my college audition for baton twirling,” Wilson said. 

     She said the recording took her more than three hours to perfect and that she felt nervous initially. However, she eventually filmed a tape she felt confident about submitting. 

     “I’m excited to hear back from the band director at Truman,” Wilson said. 



Isabella Cascone, 11

Photo courtesy of Isabella Cascone

     A photo with her sister senior Sofia Cascone was the most recent photo in junior Isabelle Cascone’s camera roll. This photo was taken during her sister’s senior portrait photoshoot. 

     “She wanted me to be in a couple of them just to have memories of when she was a senior. We got them back recently,” Cascone said. 

     Cascone added that she was surprised by how alike they appeared in these pictures. 

     “We look really similar, and I don’t think we look similar at all. In this picture I feel like we look exactly alike,” Cascone said.


Alissa Hadjian, 11

Photo courtesy of Alissa Hadjian

     A screenshot of the modeling roster of designer Laura Citron for Kansas City’s fashion week was the most recent photo in junior Alissa Hadjian’s camera roll. Hadjian said the screenshot showed her headshot from her audition for this event. 

     “Those are my headshots from my audition for this season of Kansas City fashion week,” Hadjian said “The designer that I just got booked by posted them today.” 

     Hadjian said that most people don’t know a lot about the audition process. 

     “You go in and you get headshots and do your walk and they record you,” Hadjian said. “Then designers can book you.”







Jaclyn Guevara, 11

Photo courtesy of Jaclyn Guevara

     A picture of the rings on her hand was the most recent that junior Jaclyn Guevara had in her camera roll. Guevara took this photo because she received a candle for Christmas with a ring inside of  it. Guevara said she saw the candle on TikTok and was disappointed by how much her ring was worth. 

     “I got this candle and it has a ring in it somewhere. It’s supposed to be worth a lot of money but mine was only worth twenty dollars.” She took this photo so she could show her mom the ring. Though it wasn’t worth as much as she’d hoped, she said she liked the ring. 

     “The ring is actually really pretty.” 



Shea Martin, 12

Photo courtesy of Shea Martin

     While this photo of a burrito in senior Shea Martin’s camera roll may seem self-explanatory, it was taken for a different purpose than some might expect. 

     “I run a Taco Bell rating account, so I had to take it in order to make a rating on my account. So people get the full idea of what I’m actually rating,” Martin said. 

     Martin said that the burrito was only one of eight things that she had eaten from Taco Bell in the last 30 minutes. 

     “I took this picture because I really enjoy Taco Bell,” Martin said.







Ella Frank, 11

Photo courtesy of Ella Frank

     A photo of a hot chocolate that is 172 degrees Fahrenheit was the most recent in junior Ella Frank’s camera roll. Frank previously worked at Dunkin’ Donuts and took this photo after work, because the thermometer showed that the hot chocolate was exactly 172 degrees. 

     “We found this information exciting because we were bored after work,” Frank said. 

     She joked that if they spilled hot chocolate on anyone and were sued for it, this picture would explain why. 




Claudia Fuertes, 12

Photo courtesy of Claudia Fuertes

     This photo was one that senior Claudia Fuertes had in her camera roll to use for an art project. 

     “I needed a black and white picture to do the shadowing. I chose that one because I really like the picture and the shadows are kind of good to draw,” Fuertes said. 

     She also said that she chose this picture because the facial expression was easy to draw. 





Clare Simpson, 12

Photo courtesy of Clare Simpson

     A drawing on the corner of senior Clare Simpson’s Sociology homework was the most recent in her camera roll. Simpson drew this gecko and took a photo of it because she was proud of the sketch. 

     “I was really bored in Sociology, so I thought about the funniest thing I could think of, which was at the time, a gecko wearing a Hawaiian shirt,” Simpson said. 

     She said that the name of this gecko was Milo and that she loves him very much. 





Evan Johnson, 12

Photo courtesy of Evan Johnson

     A photo of butterfly lights at a walk-through light show was the most recent photo in senior Evan Johnson’s camera roll. He and his family went to Powell Gardens  Dec. 23 to enjoy the light display. 

     “I actually thought this was one of their prettier displays and thought it would be a good memory to keep,” Johnson said. 

     He stated that his mom wasn’t able to come along that night so he took photos there so she could see the lights as well. Johnson said that the light display was nicer because the weather wasn’t too cold. 

     “The temperature was quite nice. It was around lower to mid 50s, and it made walking around a lot nicer for that night.”