The Money Makers

Landyn Goldberg

Anthony Marti

Gaming Communities: Anthony Marti

What is your business?

“I run large gaming communities with influencers ranging from a few million subscribers to tens of millions. I work with them personally, and I also manage their content to make sure it’s all cool and dandy.”

How/Why did it start?

“I started a while ago, and I’ve gained contacts over a few years and built up my list of people that I’m pretty close with.”

What has it taught you for the future?

“I think it’s definitely taught me how to talk to people and how to be professional in various environments.”

How do you want your business to grow long term?

“I want my business to grow exponentially. I want to make sure it can continue grow and become self sustained so I can go away from it and it will keep making money.”

Is this a longterm project?

“It’s something I’m going to work on forever. Getting contacts and having people that you can come to about anything is fairly important. Having large YouTubers and TikTokers in your arsenal of people you know is nice to have.”

How has Covid impacted your business?

“Covid actually hasn’t impacted me at all. Everything I do is online, so I don’t have to go physically anywhere to do any of this. Luckily, I’m online school, so I don’t have to worry about 24/7.”

Raneto Bently

KCMO Kicks: Noah and Easton Allwood

What is your business?

“We run a business where we get shoes for retail at certain spots, get shoes from people locally and buy and sell for higher prices to make our profit.”

How/why did it start?

“We first started through our dad. He had a lot of old shoes that he wanted to get rid of. He said to throw them up on your stories, post them on Instagram. At first we weren’t really into it, and then we really found out we can make money off of it.”

What has it taught you for the future?

“If there is a fail in the business, do not let it hold you back. We have been scammed out of a lot of money before. It’s just a minor setback for a major comeback.”

How do your want your business to grow long term?

“We’ve talked about opening up a store before. We have seen a lot of resellers get a storefront and get a website too, and that’s kind of an inspiration, but I’m not really sure how much farther we are going to take it.”

Is this a long term project?

“Regardless of what [Easton] wants to do, my only goal is to open up a store. I’ve thought about that since I walked into college, that after I turn 25 I will be owning my own store, and I will never work for someone else.”

How has Covid impacted your business?

“Negatively. Shoe events have completely lost numbers on how many of those we can attend and how many of those we can vend at. Shipments being late from USPS. They have done a terrible job.”