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The Fog Remains

The Fog Remains

Vapedemic Continues to Affect Youth
Jack Warner, Staff October 27, 2018

An otherwise beneficial product could now be shortening lives of teenagers, E-Cigarettes were designed with the intention to give cigarette smokers a healthy alternative, according to The Washington Post....

This Is Happening

Uncover the Truth About Human Trafficking
Alexa Schulte, StaleyNews Editor-In-Chief October 26, 2018

Imagine feeling alone, as though no one understands, then one day someone on social media wants to be friends. Now, envision waking up in a cold, dark Cargo box. This is how many young people are currently...

At the blood drive Oct.3, students and staff donated blood to help save lives. Three donors, sophomores Madison Swafford and Grace Spitzmiller, and junior Alyssa Malena participated in the first drive of the school year held by Student Council. There were 35 pints of blood donated with the help Red Cross staff.

You’re Somebody’s Type

Blood Transfusion Changes Life
Kara Morley, Staff October 26, 2018

The biannual blood drive is where dozens of students and staff donate their blood for those who need it. The blood is then sent to the Red Cross, a nonprofit organization that provides emergency...

Know Your Rights

Students Exercise First Amendment Rights
Rachael Mueller, Staff October 26, 2018

In this day and age of #Never Again and #Me Too, students are taking a stand and fighting for what they believe in. That wouldn’t be possible without the First Amendment, which means U.S. citizens are...

Teacher’s Corn Snake Missing in Action

Teacher’s Corn Snake Missing in Action

Teacher Loses Snake in the School
Kara Morley, Staff October 3, 2018

For roughly three months, Snek the snake roamed the halls, a student did not close the lid of the 2-year-old snake’s cage properly. Snek slithered out and traveled around the school for several weeks.  “He...

Clearing The Fog

Clearing The Fog

Feds Tackle Trendy Treat Troubles
Hailey Milliken September 30, 2018

Dragon’s Breath is a popular dessert that's been making its way around social media because of its unique look. When eaten, it produces a smoke effect that comes out of the mouth and nose, so this entertaining...

Spirit Traditions

Spirit Traditions

Traditions In Place to Leave A Legacy
Jack Warner, Staff September 29, 2018

A school’s spirit and pride are built throughout many years of tradition. As students pack into the stands on a cold Friday night, dress up for spirit themes on Fridays, lead lighthearted Twitter wars...

Before school in the Falcon's Nest, senior Brooklyn Hannan works on homework on Sept.18. Hannan often used the space to work on her Exhibition project.

From One Falcon to Another

Class of 2017 Gives Staley the Falcon’s Nest
Alexa Schulte, StaleyNews Editor-in-Chief September 28, 2018

A gift from the class of 2017, the Falcon’s Nest is a place for juniors and seniors to study in a quiet, comfortable place. “It’s an area that some alumni had a vision for. It’s a really nice...

In his Art 1 class, Manabu Takahashi teaches about 2D and 3D shapes on Sept. 13. Takahashi has been an art teacher for eight years.

Takahashi Becomes American

Teacher Earns U.S. Citizenship After 32 Years
Alexa Schulte, StaleyNews Editor-in-Chief September 26, 2018

Moving to the United States at 4 months old was Manabu Takahashi, one of the art teachers. His parents moved to the United States from Japan for his dad’s job, relocating to St. Louis. “My parents...

Graphic of the current school parking lot (red), and the proposed expansion area (yellow).

Too Many Cars, Not Enough Space

Administration Requests Parking Lot Expansion
Jack Warner, Staff May 23, 2018

     The large lot of asphalt that student’s cars call home for the seven-plus hours that students are in school is a big topic of conversation. From the high velocity of the vehicles...

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