Surviving In Style

Protective Fashion Sparks Creativity

Racheal Mueller, Editor-In-Chief

     Masks are in. Students have a whole new item to incorporate into their style.

     With countless pattern options, there are so many ways to make wearing a mask trendy. With no clear maskless future in sight, students are looking chic while staying safe.

     Some have found joy incorporating masks into their wardrobes, such as senior Makena Thomas who uses her masks to enhance her outfit.

     “I like matching colors to my mask, or if I have a solid color outfit a mask with a fun pattern,” said Thomas.

     Thomas said she has utilized the masks as a fun new accessory.

     Sophomore Malary Scaggs said she understands the importance of wearing the masks and has chosen to make the best out of a new situation.

     “If it is helping our community and country, then it is important to follow guidelines and have some fun while doing so,” said Scaggs.

     Since the start of the pandemic, people have acquired masks from a number of places: big name stores, local businesses or family friends. Many people have rolled up their sleeves and learned to make masks themselves from the safety of their homes. Scaggs uses recycled materials to make her own masks.

     “Most of my masks are store bought masks my mom got for
me, but a few of them I have
made at home from old clothes my little sisters have outgrown,” said Scaggs.

     With an unforeseeable end to the pandemic and mask wearing, it is time to adapt styles to the mask. For sophomore Maddie Wright, it is all about making her masks versatile.

     “I’ve made sure to get masks that I could use with multiple outfits,” said Wright. “I also get colorful ones to add extra color to just a simple outfit.”

     Wright said she liked to show individuality with her masks.

     “I have a tie-dye mask that I like, and it’s one I haven’t seen on many
people here,” said Wright.

     Wright acknowledges the troubles some have with the masks, but she feels there is a silver lining.

     “I feel like even though they annoy most people, it’s just another way to show your style,” said Wright.

     Junior Haley Johnson said she didn’t put as much thought into the incorporation of masks into her everyday style.

     “Honestly, most of the time I just grab one and go,” said Johnson.

     On the other hand, Johnson uses her masks to display some of her favorite things.

     “I can wear masks that have fun things on them,” said Johnson. “For
example, I love ducks, and I have a duck mask I can wear.”

      Mask wearing is fairly new for people and has taken some adjustment, but many students have used this time to show their originality, add to their style and to stay safe.