New Vice Principal Starting the 2015-2016 School Year

Bryttany Holovach, Multimedia Editor

Vice principal Fred Bouchard has completed his last year at Staley, and is now taking a job a central office. Maple Park Middle School principal Kevin Kooi will be the new vice principal starting the 2015-2016 school year.


Each administration member has their own set of ideologies, and now Kooi’s ideals will be part of Staley’s administration. One thing Kooi said he hopes to offer is experience since he has had 14 years of experience.

Between middle school and high school, Kooi said the things he enjoys stay the same.

“I enjoy working with young men and women in helping them succeed and grow,” said Kooi.

Along with helping students succeed, he want to enforce respect and responsibilities. at Maple Park, their motto is to make everyday respectful and responsible, and he said that it one thing he wants to enforce.

“It’s important that every day we are making it responsible and respectful,” said Kooi.

Kooi said that he considers all of us responsible at the end of each day and that being part of the student body means that each student should help others out. Part of being responsible us working through academic struggles that many students face said Kooi.

“Students have ownership in learning to ensure that homework is being attended to and that they put effort into grades when struggles arise,” said Kooi.

Apart from academics, Kooi has a set of core beliefs he shared.

“One of my core beliefs I have is that I want to people to treat each other the way they want to be treated,” said Kooi. “This will open up the lines of communication to benefit students and staff.”

Many of these ideals he will enforce as vice principal he said. Kooi is very appreciate of the opportunity and is excited to be Staley’s new vice principal he said.

“I am excited to be a Staley Falcon,” said Kooi.