Despite Injuries, Soccer Has Winning Season

Season Ends In District Semifinals


Aureliea Moon-Frey

Passing the ball, junior Alpha Jalloh and senior Aidan Coulter play against Raytown High School Sept.13. The boys soccer team won with a final score of 8-0. “Our team chemistry wasn’t that good at the beginning, but I think it really got better. It was pretty fun playing with everyone,” Jalloh said.

Hannah Moore

     After winning regular season, the boys soccer team entered the postseason Oct. 30 winning their first game against Liberty North High School 1-0 in the Class 4 District 8 Tournament. 


They then moved on to play Liberty High School Nov. 2, losing 1-2 to end the season. The team won 11 games, lost eight and had one tie in regular season play.      

     “They made a commitment to each other and a commitment to the program

and really wanted to work hard for each other,” head coach Johnny Chain said. 

     Although they had a winning season, there were multiple setbacks throughout with injuries, including losing junior Braden Hannan after the third regular season game, due to a repeated ACL injury. 

     “I tried to be there for the guys,” Hannan said. “I tried to help them see what I was seeing off the field because sometimes that’s hard when you’re on the field. I tried to help coach some of the guys who asked for help,” 

     Chain said the team had great culture within their program. Chain said there really were  no individual stars in the program, and that all  the guys wanted to work hard for each other. 

     “We’ve got some older guys and some leaders,” Chain said. “You’ve got Michael Ferguson, Michael Theoharidis, some of these guys who have been around for a while and been doing this for a long time. You know, just a bunch of guys who want to work hard for each other.” 

     Despite the injuries, the soccer team ended their season with a winning record after the loss to Liberty High School in the semifinals.