Athletes on Twitter


Sara Almansouri

Posting about colleges sending you invites to come tour their college is a lot. Multiple people post about their achievements. Bragging means excessively proud and boastful talk about one’s achievements or possessions according to the Webster Dictionary.

“I think we live in a society where self-promotion is not only common it is there,” said wrestling coach Elisha Bears.

We live in a social environment with so much information thrown at us that most of it becomes noise and is filtered out. We link with new strangers every day, and our daily task is to be noticed by them and to stand out according to psychology today.

“When student athletes are going out of their way to brag and talk about mediocre achievements is wanting attention,” said Bears.

Others are more restrained. They humblebrag. In an attempt to appear modest, they couch their boasts as complaints.

“A student athlete has done something rare, then I think they should be noticed and appreciated,” said Bears.

But the truth is that bragging, in every shape or form, is widely prevalent on some issues. Some people brag unabashedly by touting their accomplishments.

“I post things on my Twitter for recruiting purposes for colleges, said junior Hayden Gregg “To show my athletic and academic achievements to stand out.”

Building a reputation for yourself is important especially when applying to colleges, wanting colleges to recognize you.