Andy’s BootDaddy Concrete Stomps Texas 2-Step

Jackhammer Is Concrete Filled With Fudge

Andy’s Frozen Custard
8585 N. Shoal Creek Valley Drive, Kansas City, Mo., 64158

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After a craving for a dessert, I decided to stop at Andy’s Frozen Custard. The custard was just as good as the service. Customers at Andy’s have the choice of giving their order at the window or staying in their vehicle and telling a staff member their order. The car line was long, but a staff member was handing out menus and taking orders on tablets which helped the line move quickly. And the wait was worth it. 

BootDaddy Concrete, starting at $5.19

Vanilla frozen custard blended with Oreo cookies, creme caramel and hot fudge

BootDaddy Concrete, left, and Texas 2-Step Jackhammer, right (Aniela Park)

My cup of Andy’s Frozen Custard’s BootDaddy Concrete was delicious. The BootDaddy contained Andy’s vanilla frozen custard, Oreo cookies, hot fudge and caramel. The staff gave me a generous amount of each ingredient during my visit.

In every bite, I tasted the creamy vanilla custard, the crunchy Oreo cookies and the hot fudge and caramel. It also looked very appealing when handed to me. The BootDaddy is very flavorful and highly recommended. 

Texas 2- Step Jackhammer, starting at $5.29

Vanilla frozen custard blended with strawberries, filled with hot fudge

After tasting the BootDaddy, I went for a cup of Andy’s Texas 2-Step. My cup of the Texas 2-Step was delightful as well. The Texas 2-Step contained Andy’s frozen vanilla custard, strawberries and hot fudge. Once again, Andy’s staff gave me a generous amount. They filled my cup to the top. My only complaint is that my custard looked watery. Nevertheless, the custard was still tasty. The strawberries were fresh, and there was hot fudge all throughout the concrete. The Texas 2-Step was not as flavorful as the BootDaddy, but is still a really great option.