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Smoothie King's 'Take A Break' Blends Compared

January 13, 2022

Sydney Klusman

Smoothie King
7121 N.W. Barry Road, Kansas City, Mo., 64153

The Smoothie King franchise offers a variety of smoothies and sizes. Customers can choose from smoothies on the menu or create their own. There are multiple sections of the menu, and I tried a few from the “Take A Break” blends section. There are three different sizes: small, 20 ounces; medium, 32 ounces and large 40 ounces.


Lemon Twist Strawberry

Ingredients: strawberries, white grape lemon juice blend, papaya juice blend, turbinado sugar

Although this flavor combination is a little weird and sour at first, it grows on the taste buds. I would suggest getting a size small

Lemon Twist Strawberry (Sydney Klusman)

because of its flavor because this one is extremely enjoyable in small portions. This smoothie was overall my favorite.

Value: Small 20 ounces ($4.29), medium 32 ounces ($6.49), large 40 ounces ($7.49). It was worth the price.

Rating: 8/10



Pineapple Surf

Pineapple Surf (Sydney Klusman)

Ingredients: strawberries, pineapples, kiwi, apple juice blend, turbinado sugar, dairy whey blend

This combination was  just too sweet, and I didn’t finish it. It started out OK, but the more I drank, it just got worse and made my tongue bumpy. Overall, it was unpleasant. I do not recommend this smoothie. 

Value: This one is a little bit more expensive than the othersL small, 20 ounces ($4.49); medium, 32 ounces ($6.49); large, 40 ounces ($7.99). This was too expensive for how distasteful the smoothie was.

Rating: 4/10


Caribbean Way

Caribbean Way (Sydney Klusman)

Ingredients: Strawberries, bananas, papaya juice blend, turbinado sugar

The flavor combination was excellent. It was really heavy on the bananas, which isn’t a bad thing unless someone doesn’t like bananas. I recommend this smoothie to those who like bananas.

Value: Small, 20 ounces ($4.29); medium, 32 ounces ($6.49); large, 40 ounces ($7.49). The price is perfect for what is offered.

Rating: 7/10



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