Brownie Batter Up

Nutrition Brownie Batter Shakes Compared

Isabella Dorrington, Reporter

     Nutrition smoothie bars have been very popular lately among students. North Oak Nutrition and Brighton Nutrition

 are similar due to the fact that they sell the same types of nutrition shakes. I went to both and ordered their brownie batter shake to see what makes them different. They market their drinks as a healthier option. Most of the drinks have protein and vitamins they claim help with digestion.


Graphic by Autumn Adams

North Oak Nutrition

     North Oak Nutrition is the most well-known among our students, with several people going there almost every day. I had high hopes for this shake, but I now have mixed feelings about it. The shake was very thick. It really tasted like I was drinking brownie batter. I enjoyed the sweetness. It

 wasn’t too sugary or too bitter. I was pleased with the drink until the bland after taste with protein powder, which I was expecting because it is a nutritional drink. I would definitely get it again if it wasn’t so expensive. The one shake was $9.76.



                                                       Brighton Nutrition

Graphic by Autumn Adams

     I just recently heard of Brighton Nutrition because my friends have been going there lately. I ordered their brownie batter shake, and it was topped with chocolate sprinkles, and North Oak Nutrition’s shake looked very similar but without sprinkles. It smelled very chocolatey like it was going to be rich with flavor, but it wasn’t. It tasted watered down, and it had hardly any flavor. The texture wasn’t as thick as North Oak  Nutrition’s, but it was smoother. The one shake was $7. While it wasn’t as expensive, it still was more than I would have liked to spend. The North Oak Nutrition shake tasted better, and I would rather have their shake, but if I wasn’t feeling like paying an extra $2, I wouldn’t mind going to Brighton.