Camera Conspiracy

Covering the Laptop Camera

Kara Morley, Staff

Covering your laptop camera is more than a conspiracy. The Director of FBI, James Comey, recommends taping over your computer webcam and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also tapes over his MacBook camera, according to a photo posted on Facebook by Zuckerberg

Hackers, spies, internet predators and attackers searching for financial gain, pose serious danger.

“Smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, web-connected home security cameras and smart TVs are also vulnerable to hacking – and the vast majority have little or no security protection.” states Cybersecurity company Rapid7.

Hackers have the ability to blackmail, sell video footage and hold evidence for ransom.

In 2016, the FBI reported major increase in ransomware attacks, with more than $200 million in payments to hackers in the first three months.

Some students also cover their laptop cameras.

“I really don’t want people looking at me when I’m not wanting it,” said sophomore Amberlyn Hoeper.

She said she doesn’t think the government or anyone else is watching her, but she is aware of the highly skilled people who can hack into computers.

“On the off chance that it is true, I want to be safe, better safe than sorry.” said Hoeper.

There are some precautions you can take against potential hackers.

“Cover your webcam or disable it if you don’t use it. Keep your operating system, browser and software up to date. Only use your cameras over a secure internet connection,” states Anti-Virus Guard Internet Security.