New Role Models

Impact Social Media Influencers Actually Have

Kara Morley, Staff

Social media influencers are becoming popular and powerful. The influence they have over their audience of wide-eyed children and teenagers is getting out of hand.

Some social media influencers such as Jake Paul and Logan Paul who have millions of viewers, negatively influence kids whether they realize it or not. Their videos of deranged pranks, law-breaking and unnecessary violence are showing young kids that acts like these are OK when they are certainly not.

YouTuber David Dobrik showcases dangerous stunts drug use and alcohol abuse in his videos which are also viewed by millions. Videos can make children less sensitive to violence, accepting what is inappropriate by most social standards as a norm when it’s not. Plus, showing alcohol and drug use in videos that children watch daily could normalize it or make them want to try it.

Chris Monroe of Prank Invasion’s YouTube channel shows inappropriate kissing pranks, promoting sexual predator behavior. Sexual videos like these are easily accessible on YouTube with just a quick search word. Children should not be exposed to this content, much less at their young age. It can go so far as causing them to go to therapy and even mimicking inappropriate acts on their peers, according to  These influencers are sacrificing morals and safety for entertainment and views. And the list goes on.

Of course, not every social media influencer videotapes inappropriate acts, but the ones that are, are wiring kids’ brains into thinking that this behavior is acceptable, according to YouTube stars can be entertaining and funny but terrible role models.

Social media influencers need to be more aware of their audience and ensure their content is age appropriate and parents should check out what their children are watching everyday.