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Teens Should Participate in Democracy

Jack Warner, Staff

 Teenagers are so lazy and unmotivated. That’s what people seem to think anyway. But it seems that the increase of registered young adult voters who will be able to vote in the next election begs to differ.

This new trend of participating in our democracy is exactly what the nation needs. We are living in a society where it seems more kids than ever have intense political views, whether they mimic their parents or not. The fact that young people have strong political opinions does nobody any good unless they put those views into action.

Graphics by Rachael Mueller and Makenzie Hooton

 Lately, young adults talking about their plans to vote in midterms and the next presidential election has been trending. Not only does this encourage others to vote, it also helps accurately represent the citizens of our country. Democracy only works when the civilians participate. It seems as though young people are finally realizing that, asides from voting being a civic duty, it really matters.

Throughout the country, recent data shows youth voting registration has increased by 2.16 percent for the whole United States. This is looking to be a big improvement as opposed to 50 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds being registered in 2014, and only half of them actually voting.

Celebrities Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have been pushing for voting participation via social media. Swift posted a passionate explanation about who she is voting for and why. She then urged others to vote. Kardashian tweeted about a similar subject, listing states and the deadlines to register to vote in them.

Finally, the passion brought to the table from today’s youth via Twitter wars and other uses of social media might actually be reflected in the poll numbers. Young people need to actually act and not just complain on Twitter. And it looks like they actually are. Not only is this encouraging to future or potential voters, it also encourages people to actually figure out what they are talking about. Once they see their friends voting and people actually participating in government, not just screaming about issues, they may be motivated to research candidates and issues, so they can cast an educated ballot come time for midterms or any other opportunity to vote.

The only way for there to be even a glimpse of peace is for people to become less ignorant. A great step in doing this is registering to vote, researching candidates and issues and at the very least knowing what you are fighting for. Students have opportunities to register to vote at school, making it a simple process.