How to Walk in the Hallway

Staff Editorial


The typical student’s day begins by walking in to the student entrance. Getting through the doors by the time the rooster crows is a struggle. Everyone’s rushing to get in the same door at the same time when there are plenty of other doors that can be used. But students love to use the automatic, handicap-accessible door.

Once inside, stressed out students get stuck behind someone taking their sweet time to get a tardy, when others are rushing to save their attendance (and their grades).

Once they have finally gotten up the courage to race past the slow-walking students, they begin to dodge the obstacles standing in the middle of the hall, whether it’s that couple who can’t live without each other for a class period, gamers who can’t live without their Macs, or the people who just gossip with their entire friend group in the middle of the hall when they should be getting to class.

Fellow students would greatly appreciate if you… Found somewhere else for your PDA, lived six minutes without your video game and found somewhere else that doesn’t block hallways for your daily gossip.

Many students really want to be to their class on time and would like to get there without stepping on your heels or walking the same speed as a tortoise. Walk the correct speed, don’t change the speed you’re going 10 different times, and just get to class.

When walking with friends, don’t yell at the top of your lungs, but just have a civil conversation. The whole student body doesn’t need to hear it. Walking in the hall isn’t difficult, just walk.