Seniors Photograph Parade

STTV Staff Shoots Victory Parade Through Internship

Juwan Bush

   The Chiefs parade to celebrate their Super Bowl win was the biggest yet. The city celebrated with a parade and rally, which cost the city $3.5 million, according to the Kansas City Star. NCAPS Digital Media and Design students seniors Mason Baugh, Landyn Goldberg and Brady Stark got to cover the parade for their internship at Let It Fly Media.

Mason Baugh

     “It’s the whole creative process under their roof,” Baugh said. “They do a lot of social media content.”

     The “Groovy Boys” have a YouTubeChannel, Groovy! Productions, and they have won multiple regional, state and national

awards for their projects, but this was their first time covering an event such as this. So they had to adjust their usual photography routine.

     “I was planning to be upfront for the parade at the rally, but since I had to move I had to move I had to find a spot that still looked good on camera,” Stark said.

     According to ESPN, 500,000 people attended the parade. 

    “It almost felt like I was a part of it in a weird way,” Goldberg said. “Being around the players and the overall atmosphere and energy, it’s something I’ve never experienced.”

Ali Schulz