Students, Teachers Plan For New Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop To Be Open Before School

Reagan Schulz

     There will soon be an easier way to stay awake during the school day. Students in the Public Service and Communications Pathway have been planning an on-campus coffee shop to visit before school. Teachers were recruiting students to help with the planning stage and to run it in the mornings. 

      “I really wanted to buy better, cheap coffee and not have to wake up earlier and go out of my way, and it would just be here at school,” said SOARBUCKS president senior Quinn Golden.

     Teachers Emma Taylor and Sarah McDaniels work with special education students and hoped to include them in the SOARBUCKS shop. Having previous experience with the coffee shop at Liberty High School, Taylor believed the experience could be a good opportunity.     

     “It is 100% run by students with disabilities,” Taylor said of Liberty’s shop. “People would just come, and even if they didn’t buy things, they would just hang out with the kids and talk to them. I think that changed the dynamic of the school.” 

     Lannigan said it would also be a good way for any student to earn volunteer hours. Those who joined the coffee shop would learn to use equipment and make a variety of different drinks.    

“We have talked to Parkville Coffee about getting a signature blend for Staley,” Lannigan said. “We are hoping to run a legit coffee shop, not just pots of coffee, but also espresso and smoothies.”

     Groups on the committee were focusing on different aspects of the shop, such as decisions on forms of payment, equipment to buy and marketing methods. Students will be employees and supervisors. Lannigan said SOARBUCKS planned to donate proceeds from the sales to different charities around Kansas City.

     The coffee shop was expected to open second semester.