Viewers Making Switch From Cable To Streaming

Are You Still Watching?

Brianne Tremper, Managing Editor

     Viewers are making the switch from cable to exclusively using streaming services.

     With the increasing amount of streaming services and the average price for cable TV being about $217 a month, many people are dropping cable altogether and just using streaming services, according to U.S. News and World Report.

     “We never used cable. It was just cheaper to use more streaming services,” junior Kadyn Claussen said. “It makes me happy because there are no commercials, and I can watch whatever I want when I want.”

Cassie Ford

     As the years go on, TV becomes increasingly easier to watch and stream. 

     In 1997, Netflix was founded, operating on a pay-per rental model. Every DVD that was rented  cost $4 instead of the monthly flat rate they use currently. 

     There are more than 200 streaming services. The most popular ones with students being Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and Disney+, according to a survey of students.

     “The Netflix original shows are good, and they also put TV shows from good channels on there,” junior Leah Mebane said.    

     While having originals is not just exclusive to Netflix, the streaming service has produced award winning shows such as  “Stranger Things,” “Orange Is the New Black” and “The Crown.”   

     But more streaming services are hopping on the bandwagon with Hulu making “Handmaid’s Tale,” Disney+ making “WandaVision” and HBO Max with “The Flight Attendant.”

     “My favorite streaming service is probably Disney+,” senior Braedon Huber said. “Because of the amount of stuff that is on it. Peacock is probably my least favorite because it has a bunch of ads on it.”

     There are unconventional streaming services, with Twitch being one. Twitch users can watch their favorite internet creators, and it is most commonly used for gamers.

     “My favorite streaming service is Twitch because it’s very common, many people use it, and it’s easy to set up. It’s very straight to the point,” freshman Luc Frieson said.

     A problem people often have with streaming is that it is harder to watch local channels without paying for Hulu+, which is approximately $63. But an easy solution to that would be to purchase an antenna, and those often cost about $20.

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