The Roaring ’20s

Senior Class, Guests Take To Dance Floor For Prom


Archie Dinwiddie

After missing their junior year Prom, seniors Leah Hayes, Cara Cannova, Luci Saladino, Collin Birch, Emily Cox and Sydney Hadsall wait to see who is annouced Prom king and queen May 1. “We all came together, and it was a great turn out,” said Hayes.

Cassie Ford

At Prom May 1, senior Marcus Castro is crowned Prom king for the class of 2021. Castro said that before the crowning people had gone up to him greeting him and telling him that people had voted for him. “It’s just humbling, especially when they announced it,” said Castro. (Cassie Ford)
In the Fieldhouse, senior Hayley Beaver is crowned Prom queen May 1. Beaver did not expect to win or even be nominated. “It was so unexpected for me,” said Beaver. “When my name was called, I was just so shocked. It was so cool to have that honor.” (Cassie Ford)
While snapping a picture at Prom May 1, seniors Brayden Day and Emani Guerin pose for a selfie. Day was surprised about how normal things felt while attending. “It helped get things back to normal, and it really made me feel better about the way things were going,” said Day. Photo by Cassie Ford (Cassie Ford)
At their senior Prom May 1, seniors Katelynn Dodd, Isabella Cambiano and Jason Gibson dance out on the floor. For a while, it was unknown if seniors would get a Prom. “Getting together for one last time, kind of like our final hoorah before we’re out of here,” Gibson said was his favorite part. Photo by Cassie Ford (Cassie Ford)
During Prom May 1, students gather together do the wobble. Senior Maddison Bremmer said the energy at Prom was ecstatic. “I thought it was going to be boring and that no one was going to be there, but it was just so fun,” said Bremmer. “The energy in the room was just contagious. (Cassie Ford)