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Feds Tackle Trendy Treat Troubles


Hailey Milliken

Dragon’s Breath is a popular dessert that’s been making its way around social media because of its unique look. When eaten, it produces a smoke effect that comes out of the mouth and nose, so this entertaining visual makes it easily Instagramable and enjoyable for just about every age group.

Senior Kyleigh Taylor went to GoCha Tea and Beverages on North Oak to try the snack.

“It was really cool. I felt kind of nervous at first, because they told us to be cautious because it was so cold. It was like cereal and tasted pretty bland, but it was more for the experience,” said Taylor.

The dessert is made out of crunchy cereal puffs, much like Fruity Pebbles or Cap’n Crunch.Liquid nitrogenis then poured all over the snack until completely covered, which results in the liquid instantly freezing the cereal.

Recently there has been much discussion about the safety of eating this dessert. The Food and Drug Administration warned against its consumption on August 30th, 2018. Senior Jade Greene went as far as FROZEN2 in Olathe, Kansas to see what Dragon’s Breath is all about.

“My overall experience was good, but I thought it was pretty scary when you first hear about it. The employees made it very clear and way less scary though,” said Greene.

In addition to this dessert causing breathing issues, it has given people severe burns in their mouth and throat because of its extremely cold temperature. A 14-year-old girl was even hospitalized because of the burns back in October according to Fox News.

Brittany Elaine, an employee at FROZEN2 in Olathe, Kansas, talked about the dangers.

“I don’t really think there’s much danger. Other than the super cold liquid nitrogen at the bottom of the cup I haven’t seen anyone have breathing issues because of the Dragon’s Breath,” said Elaine.