Let’s get Spooky

Broadcast Hosts their annual Media Marathon

STTV held its annual live media marathon Oct. 7. The media marathon is a 12-hour fundraiser held on a Saturday from noon to midnight to raise money for trips, new equipment

During the media marathon students played bean-boozled during Senior Kyla Gaines’s segment. The Broadcast class hosts the marathon once a year as a fundraiser to raise money for the program. “I was anticipating my turn because I got the gross option every time, and hoping not to eat the canned dog food,” said Gaines.

and food for events and parties.

STTV adviser Janet Sobbe has students put it together and run it all on their own.

“It’s a really good way for my students to kind of be autonomous, and they learn a lot working with each other. “And I am basically hands-off; I just say, ‘Make sure it’s school appropriate,’” said Sobbe. And I do want to see what they put on there, but they do know it’s their job to schedule it and their job to fill the time and figure out what’s going on.”

The media marathon raised about $1,400 and had more than 600 viewers. People who donated got a recognition based on how much they donated. People who donated the minimum, $25, got their name on a list that scrolled at the end of the marathon. If they donated a higher amount of money, they got a PowerPoint slide with their business information on it that aired during the marathon.

Aside from raising money, the STTV staff focused on having fun. Halloween-themed games music were played along with performances and skits from the staff. One startling incident did occur during the marathon. A light that was being used overheated and caught fire while the livestream was going.

 “It was only one fire, so that’s pretty good,” said Sobbe.

The staff learns to work on the spot and have fun with each other while raising money for their program.

“It’s a good opportunity for broadcast kids to earn money for their program and show off their talents,” said producer senior Kyla Gaines.

 The marathon was divided up into different producer segments, and the producers were assigned different people from STTV’s staff. Everyone made videos, came up with something to do during the segment and displayed their talents.

A local band performed live at the marathon during one of the segments along with people bobbing for apples, Halloween videos and lots of candy.

“My segment was based off Halloween. We did guessing games and guess that song, had a dance battle, charades and a lot of stuff that related to Halloween, like Jack-O-Lanterns, witches and horror movies,” said producer senior Mariah Eddie.

Senior Parker Chaddock got a lot of food donated for the event, and he also participated in the media marathon.