Masked BB Shooters Injure Cross Country Runners

Administration Files Police Report

Emilie Kerr
Sophomore Jack Warner shows his injury from a drive-by BB gun shooting during practice Oct. 17.

     While the boys cross country team was running their normal route in the Highland Acres neighborhood Oct. 17, they heard popping sounds just as they realized they were being shot with BB guns by a carload of masked people. Because of the masks, the runners were unable to identify the people in the car.

      Three runners were shot with BBs: sophomores Jack Warner, Luke Winkler and another male student athlete, who did not wish to be identified.

            “We thought it was like poppers that you throw on the ground on the Fourth of July,” said Winkler. “It was really scary.”

            After being shot, the boys said they immediately ran in different directions before standing there “in shock.” After trying to remember details about the car, they ran back to school to tell cross country coach Todd Warner, who is also Jack’s dad.

            “It did affect me a little differently having my son involved,” said coach Warner.

Coach Warner called parents of the students and activities director Jason Fowler, who then called law enforcement to make a report.

            “We finished up the run and told Warner,” said Winkler. “And this morning we all filed incident reports.” 

            Winkler was shot under his arm, and Jack was shot on his upper back. A third runner was shot in two places, on his back and left arm, and one of the BBs stayed in and had to be removed, while the others fell out, said Jack.

            StaleyNews contacted the Clay County Sheriff’s Department and resource officer Deputy Cody Thomas. They said they could not release any information regarding the case because it is still an open investigation.

            Coach Warner said he planned on making changes for the end of the season.

 “We are certainly going to limit that route for a while, and I think they will definitely start being more aware of their situation, too,” he said.