Students Question the Late Falcon Time Release

Administrative team changes Falcon Time Release Date


Hallways are empty because of the no travel policy during falcon time.

Students have 30 minutes of Falcon Time to get help from teachers, meet with clubs, do homework and have free time. Students are normally allowed to go get help from any teacher and be in any classroom, but this school year the students weren’t released until Sept. 11, which was 3-5 days later than usual. In order to make up this time the students were to stay after school or come into to school early if they needed help from their teacher.

Many students have shown concern and were confused because of the change.

“I wonder what we did wrong for this to happen. What is the point?” asked sophomore Phil Mangold.

Assistant principal James Wheeler is in charge of Falcon Time.  

“Falcon Time is good to distribute schoolwide messages, announcements and for example, the hand book,” said Wheeler. “Also, to teach lessons about grit, stamina and other lessons. Also, it was to push kids into AP classes and help them with that skill.”

U.S. History teacher Josh Lorenson said he sees the change as a positive thing, not a negative.

 “I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Most students just want to see their friends not really get help from a teacher, but some students may really need help,” said Lorenson.

But some students needed help from teachers and couldn’t get it because they were not able to travel.

“It’s inconvenient. If people need help they, can’t get it, and I can’t stay after school because of sports. And I could go in in the morning, but I won’t have a ride,” sophomore Phil Mangold said.

Students were released from their homerooms on Sept. 11.

“I will actually be able to get some work done,” said Mangold.