Grow Your Own Teachers

New Program for Future Educators Begins

Jessica Jordan

Jessica Jordan

When students begin to decide on their future career and life decisions, schools support students’ decisions and offer any available resources. For students in the North Kansas City School District who are looking to become educators, there is a new program called “Grow Your Own,” In this program, students can earn their Associate’s Degree through Maple Woods Community College and Bachelor’s Degree through Northwest Missouri State University after completing dual credit classes in high school.

“They want students in our high schools who are considering going into education to be an educator in the North Kansas City School District. They want to keep the students in the district,” said counselor James McNeely.

The program will be conducted at the Northland Innovation Center, and all of the Northwest classwork will be performed in the building through hands-on opportunities.

“Students are able to stay in the Northland and complete one of three degrees through the Northwest – Kansas City Campus,” said North Kansas City Schools Executive Director of Human Resources Mark Maus.

The program accepts about 35 applicants and is available for juniors and seniors in the North Kansas City School District. The program offers students a two-week summer program, and through internships and Adventure Club can earn them more than $11,000 toward tuition.

“In a sense, you’ll get paid for Adventure Club, and that will go toward your tuition. If we have students who want to be teachers, why wouldn’t you do it?” said McNeely.

Students can find more information and apply for the program through pamphlets found in the counseling office.