Private to Public School Transition

Freshman Transfers to Public School

Jen Hulen, Reporter

Some students go through the struggle of having to switch from private school to public school. This big change can be difficult for some people because of the big differences between the schools. Such as going from wearing uniforms to wearing what you want, different class sizes, etc.

Freshman Michael Morgan went to St. Theresa and now goes to Staley. “the classes are a lot bigger at Staley than they are at my old school” said Morgan. According to student tutor association typically, private school classes have between 15 or 16 students in them, whereas public schools have about 25-30 students in each class.

Another big difference between public and private school, are the uniforms. “I had to wear dress pants and a red shirt with the school letters on it. I definitely like being able to wear what I want instead of being told what to wear.” Said Morgan.

Students who switch from private school to public school sometimes have the issue of getting used to the bigger school. “The most difficult thing to get used to was how big the school is and how to get from class to class. The classes aren’t as close together as they are at St. Theresa.” Said Morgan.

At a private school, the teachers tend to be stricter.

“The teachers are a lot easier on the students here at Staley.” Said Morgan. There are many differences between public and private school and many things to get used to.