Friends, Memories ‘Best Part’ About STTV Staff

With Jobs On And Off Air, Production Is Student Run

Anchor junior Landyn Goldberg films the daily show early during first block Nov. 5 because the STTV staff was participating in a contest later that day and wouldn’t be able to film the show at their normal time.

     While it is mandatory for students in the building to watch STTV, it may be a surprise to find out how the production is made. The students run the production, make the intro and outro of the show, along with editing and creating the scripts and videos. 

     “I’m not in the studio when they do the show,” broadcasting teacher Janet Sobbe said. “It’s a very student-run production.”

     While STTV informs students and staff about upcoming events, there is more to the show. The students edit and publish videos for the show, like the sports recap, feature stories and the Fun Friday show. 

     “We encourage people that don’t know how to do a position to learn how to do it from your peers and learn to love being a part of STTV,” junior Sophia Key said. 

     The anchors and producers create the scripts, and the students edit, working to get the best version of the show that they can. 

     “They come up with the stories on their own,” Sobbe said. “Sometimes I give them a story that I thought of, or someone emailed it to me, but most of the time it’s them.”

   When working to finish editing and publishing the news on time, senior producer Kaci Needham works on her assignment along with working to get the broadcasting staff to do the same. 

 “The hardest part about STTV is motivating everyone else in the class to get their revisions and deadlines due,” Needham said. “My partner and I are pretty good.”

There is a position for everyone. You don’t have to want to be in front of the camera. I have lots of behind the scenes people that you never see.

— STTV adviser Janet Sobbe

     Key had the same concerns as Needham, but she also worries about the number of students in each class and how much work everyone gets done. 

     “The most difficult part about STTV is probably everyone being on the same page,” Key said.  “There is a big group in broadcasting. There are a lot of people, so we’re not in the same class. We don’t get to be in the same room together, so communicating and making sure everyone is on the same page.” 

     Every member of STTV has a different job to do to keep the show going.

      “There are anchors, three cameras, a director, prompter, audio persons and a TV technical director,” Needham said. 

     Sobbe allows students the option to be on camera or working behind the scenes while still pursuing what interested them in the class. 

     “Everyone can do whatever they want, so it doesn’t limit their creativity,” Sobbe said. “It’s a very hands-on class. There is a position for everyone. You don’t have to want to be in front of the camera. I have lots of behind the scenes people that you never see.”

     The crew encourages more people to enroll in the class. Students need to take Journalism 1 Broadcasting first before joining STTV the following year.

     “I highly recommend it,” Key said. “I love Mrs. Sobbe. Everyone loves Mrs. Sobbe. It’s a good class to connect with others. I’ve made some of my best friends on STTV.” 

     Even when things get frustrating and hard trying to make the deadlines on time, the producers said the memories being made and friendships being made are the best part about broadcast. 

     “It’s really fun,” Needham said. “You get to make a lot of friends; it’s something to be involved in for all four years.”

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